Thursday, June 25, 2015


Draft season is soon approaching so, let's begin the prepping!

·      Avoid kickers and defenses in early and middle rounds – Kickers are for the late rounds (or the final round) in leagues because of their notoriously low overall point totals. The same principles apply to defenses because the total point difference between the number 1 scoring defense and the number 10 defense will never be as significant as other more-important positions like running back, wide receiver or quarterback.

·      Avoid making decisions based on outdated print sources ­– Fantasy football news happens too fast to make critical decisions based off of information in magazines that can sometimes be months old by draft day. A couple of training camp injuries can make even the most-trusted print source's rankings obsolete. Base your decisions on up-to-the-minute fantasy football news websites, like this blog!!!

·      A sleeper is a sleeper for a reason! – Every preseason, there are a few fantasy football sleepers that every expert is gushing over. And chances are if everyone in the media is saying he's going to be a sleeper, someone is going to jump the gun when drafting him. Part of a successful fantasy football draft strategy comes from knowing not to choose your "high-risk, high-reward" players until the later rounds. Here are some sleepers to keep in mind! 

·      Avoid putting a premium on your hometown players – Everyone is biased toward their favorite team's players (whether you're aware of it or not.) If you're not careful, you'll end up ranking your favorite team's players too high and end up with several key positions all with the same bye week!

What do you do to prep for your draft? Any tips you are looking for or want to share?  Let me know!

-Christi, FFC

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