Wednesday, June 17, 2015

{STYLE} The Patriots...Keepin' it Klassy

The Patriots and their new bling...yuck.  It makes me sad to see a team or a player think that they have to cheat or play around the rules to win.  However, the size of this ring proves once again how incredibly Klassy the Patriots are.  Enjoy your time off, Brady...I hope this ring was worth it. 
Quick vocab lesson: Klassy

The opposite meaning of the word classy. Mostly used on social media websites where people try to impress their peers and brag about looking wealthy or classy, but in fact leaves the opposite impression.

"Kim Kardashian's dress is so Klassy!"

This is what 205 diamonds looks like...

The team says it is the “largest Super Bowl ring ever made” with 205 diamonds in all. Maybe they are making up for their deflated balls? lol

And I thought Giselle was the Diva in this relationship..."I want all the big diamonds!" 

stay Klassy New England... 

maybe now Bilichick can get a new sweatshirt? 

So many more comments come to mind with this topic...what are your thoughts on NFL Players walking around with 205 diamonds?  Let me know! 

-Christi, FFC

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