Tuesday, June 2, 2015

{FOOTBALL} 100 Days until the NFL 2015 Kickoff!!!

As of tomorrow, the countdown to the first kickoff will be in the double digits.  If your household is anything like ours this signifies the beginning of the preparation for Fantasy Football, scheduling road trips to games, planning parties and debating who to take with your first pick.  

In our family we also make predictions for the year of the following categories: 

Biggest Bust
Biggest Breakout 
Best Quarterback 
Best Running Back
Best Wide Receiver 
Worst Defense 

And we usually throw in some random predictions - i.e. Andre Johnson will catch 21 touchdowns and run for 5 

So, what is your prep for the Fantasy Season?  Do you make random predictions?  Do you plan your Thanksgiving around the games?  Feel free to add your predictions to the comments, I would love to see what you all think! 

Just think tomorrow is 99 days!!! 

-Christi, FFChick 

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