Thursday, June 11, 2015

{GOSSIP} Von Miller...future Chicken Farmer?

Denver Broncos outside linebacker Von Miller is an exceptional football player, and a pretty unique personality too.

He often expresses this with his collection of cowboy hats (and other hats too) but it's more than just fashion. How many other great pass rushers do you know dream of retiring to be a chicken farmer?

In a talk with Yahoo Sports, Miller outlined his current hobby and future job raising chickens. Miller's major at Texas A&M was in poultry science, and it wasn't just a major so he could get some blow-off classes. Miller said he already has a small chicken coop, with about 3,000 square feet of backyard space and 40-50 chickens.

"That's what Miller Farms is, it's humble beginnings right now," said Miller, who said he has chicken tattoos, too.

Eventually Miller wants to expand when he's done playing, and said he'd like to build relationships with chicken farmers across the world. There probably aren't too many chicken farmers who have made an NFL All-Pro team, but Miller is a different character.

So, what do you picture your favorite players doing on their time off?  Chicken Farming?  Let me know! 

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