Friday, June 5, 2015

{STYLE} Father's Day Gifts

Since Father's Day is fast approaching, here are some ideas for the men in your life.  The best part of a lot of these gifts is that you can use them too!  

THE Headphones
Are these not the most gorgeous headphones you’ve ever laid eyes on? But don’t give them for their looks, do it for the hand craftsmanship and superb sound.

VK-1 Classic Edition Headphones, $380,

Champagne Sabre
You will forever be the sister/daughter/girlfriend/wife who gave him a sword for Father's Day. How will he ever repay you?

Laguiole Champagne Saber, $299.95,

Exotic Car Membership
He’s always dreamed of driving a Lamborghini or Ferrari. Now’s his chance. This experience will put him behind the wheel of a car that’s more expensive than some houses and allow him to drive as fast as he wants.

Imagine Lifestyle Exotic Car Driving Experience, $149.99,

Cards Against Humanity
This may be the greatest/worst game I have ever played in my life. It’s about time he let his “despicable and awkward” side loose.

Cards Against Humanity, $25,

Superhero Cufflinks
For the present or former comic book junkie, a way to make black tie occasions or French cuffs a little less serious.

Superhero Cuff Links, $89.95,

Zombie Bow Tie
Right, another tie. But this is no ordinary tux topper. It looks standard from afar so he won’t look weird in pictures, but up close, he becomes the guy who dared wear a zombie tie to your cousin’s wedding.

“Zombie Parade” Bow Tie, $15,

Bottle Opener Magnet
Sometimes he wants a beer and doesn’t want to root through a packed drawer for ten minutes trying to find a bottle opener. Save him the time and frustration.

Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet, $24,

Bacon of the Month Club
For the meat lover, this is a no-brainer. He’ll get a new variety of bacon delivered each month, and for extra, you can throw in a “Bacon Jerky Sampler” and something called a “Bacon Pancake Pack.” Prepare to score major. points.

Bacon of the Month Club Membership, $39.66/month,

Football Beer Koozie
Keep holiday brews chilled with fully insulated leather coolers. A great gift for the sports fans on your list, each features stitching reminiscent of that on a football.

Mancrates - COW-POCALYPSE CRATE - $109

I just discovered this website but they offer all kinds of gifts for men in grates ranging from cow to whiskey.

And finally, since I just had a baby girl I had to add this one:

So, what do you plan on getting the men in your life for Father’s Day?  Considering it’s the last official gift holiday before the season starts it might be a good time to do something nice before you plan to kick his butt in fantasy! Let me know! 

-Christi, FFC 

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