Wednesday, June 3, 2015

{FOOTBALL} Quarterbacks by the 2014 Numbers

The Quarterback...aka the Prom King, Class President, Valedictorian well unless it's Johnny Manizel you are talking about! He's the leader on and off the field.  Everyone knows their name and number - Peyton - 18, Luck - is what the QB Class of 2014 accomplished: 

The number of quarterbacks who posted 300-plus Fantasy points over the course of the season, up three from 2013.

The average Fantasy points per game from quarterbacks who finished in the Top 12, an indicator of what should be considered a "very good" game. That number is up 0.7 points per game from 2013.

83.3 percent
The highest consistency rate (frequency of getting 20-plus Fantasy points per game) among all quarterbacks in 2014. It belonged to Carson Palmer, who had 20-plus in five of six games.

The number of quarterbacks who had at least 300 Fantasy points and a consistency rate of at least 50 percent. Some of the folks who aren't a part of that list: Ben Roethlisberger, Ryan Tannehill, Matthew Stafford, Cam Newton and Matt Ryan. It confirms that they were the most volatile quarterbacks in 2014, with Ryan the most dangerous of them all with over 320 Fantasy points and just six games with 20-plus points on the year (37.5 percent).

Ryan also tied (with Geno Smith) for the most games with 18 or 19 Fantasy points with three. Had he converted those three games to 20-point games, he would have had nine with such a high mark and a consistency rate similar to Brees, Russell Wilson and Eli Manning. Ryan also had nine games last season with 18-plus Fantasy points.

The number of 20-plus-point games by every quarterback in Fantasy last year. The number is actually down three from 2013. 

So, what is your opinion of where to draft a QB?  Do you always pick one in the first round or do you wait to see who drops to you later in the draft?  Is there a certain one you must have even though he's not in the top 10?  Let me know where you think a QB should be drafted? 

-Christi, FFC

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