Monday, June 29, 2015


Okay, we covered the basics in Part 1:
  • Avoid Kickers and Defenses in early rounds - save until at least the 10th round 
  • Look for the hidden value players aka Sleepers
  • Do not draft every player from your favorite team - I really stress this one!  If you must have someone from your home team then draft ONE player then leave your feelings out of the draft! 
Now on to Part 2:
  • Having success once the draft starts - Once your fantasy football rankings are set, keep these few principles in mind so you stay on track with your fantasy football draft strategy no matter what surprises come your way. DO NOT DEVIATE from your plan!!! This will be hard! 
  • Don't share your strategy with your league friends – Once your fantasy football rankings are set and you're positioned to dominate your draft, be careful to keep your strategy concealed! If you reveal any of your fantasy football guide to your league friends, your competitors can swoop in to pick your players before you get the chance. This is so true - do not trust anyone, I have seen little Grandma's who look soooo innocent steal picks right in front of their grandchildren.  Trust no one! 
  • Prepare your fantasy football draft station – Make sure your internet connection is reliable, your rankings are printed off, you have plenty of backup pens and highlighters, and anything else crucial to your unique fantasy football draft strategy. By having your drafting station streamlined, you'll avoid making any "panic picks" from shuffling through too many sheets of stats, rankings and advice.
  • Be ready to adjust based on your opponents pick – There's always a few surprise picks no matter how many fantasy football mock drafts you've participated in. If you've been playing in the same league for several seasons, it's a great idea to take notes on how your competitors pick so you can best project how the first few rounds are likely to shake out. That said, make sure you have backup options for all the players you're targeting in the different rounds.

What do you do to prep for your draft? Any tips you are looking for or want to share?  Let me know!

-Christi, FFC

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